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Research and Review Articles are Invited for Publication in next 2021 Issue. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

2021 volume 6 issue 1 of the Journal

The role and significance of the professional content of competence and its place in social life Alisher Berikbaev

About the origin of some English terms of information technologies and communication systems Adambaeva Feruza Sapayeva Feruza 

Assessment of a failure prediction model in the energy sector: a multicriteria discrimination approach with Promethee based classification
Silvia Angilella, Maria Rosaria Pappalardo
Canonical Correlation and Assortative Matching: A Remark
Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred Galichon
Personality Traits and the Marriage Market
Exclusion of Extreme Jurors and Minority Representation: The Effect of Jury Selection Procedures
Andrea Moro, Martin Van der Linden
How Misuse of Statistics Can Spread Misinformation: A Study of Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Data
Shailesh Bharati, Rahul Batra
Aggregate Modeling and Equilibrium Analysis of the Crowdsourcing Market for Autonomous Vehicles
Xiaoyan Wang, Xi Lin, Meng Li