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2020 volume 5 issue 8 of the Journal

L1-norm regularized L1-norm best-fit line problem
Xiao Ling, J. Paul Brooks
On the Absence of Spurious Local Minima in Nonlinear Low-Rank Matrix Recovery Problems
Yingjie Bi, Javad Lavaei
Comments: submitted to The 15th INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining & Decision Analytics High-order homogenization in optimal control by the Bloch wave method
Agnes Lamacz-Keymling, Irwin Yousept

A. Zakhidova, E. Rasulova

Predicting Developers’ IDE Commands with Machine Learning
Tyson Bulmer, Lloyd Montgomery, Daniela Damian
An ensemble learning approach for software semantic clone detection
Min Fu, Gang Luo, Xi Zheng, Tianyi Zhang, Dongjin Yu, Miryung Kim
Questions for Data Scientists in Software Engineering: A Replication
Hennie Huijgens, Ayushi Rastogi,
PyMT5: multi-mode translation of natural language and Python code with transformers
Colin B. Clement,