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2020 volume 5 issue 5 of the Journal


Researching the adherence of patients with chronic heart failure and diabetes mellitus in the outpatient phase of observation

Askarova N.A., Abdukadyrova N.M., Tulabaeva G.M.

Analysis of specifics and plans of implementation of Chinese large-scale investment project, i.e. construction of undersea Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel

Markus Tamm

Local features of the funeral ceremony of the Uzbeks in Karakalpakstan

 Turekeev Kuanyshbek Jienbekovich Khodjanov Marat Islamovich

The system of the contracts in the sector of telecommunication services with regard to Uzbek legislation

Niholbek Ganiev

Factors that Affect Student Mathematics Performance in National Exam: The Case of Eritrea

Dawit Teclemariam Bahta, Jiang Yun, Petros Woldu Fessehatsion

Are Energy Efficiency Policies Efficient? Evidence from India

Kamaljit Singh