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2020 volume 5 issue 12 of the Journal

Ambiguity and Partial Bayesian Updating
Matthew Kovach
Multi-Sided Matching Markets with Consistent Preferences and Cooperative Partners
Maximilian Mordig, Riccardo Della Vecchia, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, Bernhard Schölkopf
New Characterizations of Strategy-Proofness under Single-Peakedness
Andrew Jennings, Rida Laraki, Clemens Puppe, Estelle Varloot
Pricing decisions under manufacturer’s component open supply strategy with customer behavior and market spillover
Peiya Zhu, Xiaofei Qian, Xinbao Liu, Shaojun Lu
Contextual First-Price Auctions with Budgets
Santiago Balseiro, Christian Kroer, Rachitesh Kumar
Mechanism Design Powered by Social Interactions
Dengji Zhao
Learning to Persuade on the Fly: Robustness Against Ignorance
You Zu, Krishnamurthy Iyer, Haifeng Xu
Learning Epidemiology by Doing: The Empirical Implications of a Spatial-SIR Model with Behavioral Responses
Alberto Bisin, Andrea Moro
Minimal entropy and uniqueness of price equilibria in a pure exchange economy
Andrea Loi, Stefano Matta
Incentives for accelerating the production of Covid-19 vaccines in the presence of adjustment costs
Claudius Gros, Daniel Gros
Market Effects of Loyalty and Cost Factors in a Price Discrimination Environment
Theja Tulabandhula, Aris Ouksel
Resolving the Disparate Impact of Uncertainty: Affirmative Action vs. Affirmative Information
Claire Lazar Reich