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2020 volume 5 issue 10 of the Journal


Comparative-legal analysis of liability for torture in the criminal law of some foreign countries

Omonov Zafarjon Rakhmonalievich

The social necessity and history of the establishment of criminal liability for hooliganism
Karaketova Dilnoza Yuldashevna

Assessment of the Implementation of World Bank Assisted Fadama Iii Project in Capacity Building: Experience of Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State
Enoch Terlumun Iortyom, Abawua I. Jonathan, Shabu Terwase

Peculiarities of using national instruments in performing Uzbek folklore Gofurjon Yunusov, Ahmadjon Abdurahimov, Bekzodjon Tursunov

People`s receptions of the President is a new instrument of democracy in Uzbekistan Akmaljon Teshabayevich Isabayev

New data on foot sizes for preschooles Tursunova Dilrabo Ilkhamova Malokhat Ibragimova Nurkhon

Russian actions during the Syrian civil warMirosław Jaremba

The Power of the Visual on Men and Women’s perspective towards Provocative Dressing Prof. Mark Gabriel Wagan Aguilar

Prof. Vivek Kumar

Specifics of personal management systems and problems in Uzbek companies Bekhzod Djalilov

The role and challenges of Islamic financing in Uzbekistan and the key legal issues to be addressed for implementation Samariddin Shamsiev Qosimovich

Art is the source of the human soul Siddiqjon Jurayev, Rafiq Ahmedov, Ijodbek Jurayev

Views of central Asian encyclopedic scholars on music theory Ravshan Dehqonov Ravshan Utaganov Zohirshox Ahmedov 

HRM Practices in Pakistani Organizations: A study in Islamic Perspective Summra Khalid Dr. Wang Dan Bushra Khalid

Bayesian spatial modeling of terrestrial radiation in Switzerland Christophe L. Folly,
Correlation between Air and Urban Travelling with New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 A Case Study Soheil Shirvani
Modeling of Covid-19 Pandemic in Cyprus
Sergios Agapiou
Wildfire Smoke And Air Quality: How Machine Learning Can Guide Forest Management
Lorenzo Tomaselli
Generalization of the power-law rating curve using hydrodynamic theory and Bayesian hierarchical modeling
Birgir Hrafnkelsson,
Non-parametric regression for networks
Katie E. Severn,
Kernel Two-Sample and Independence Tests for Non-Stationary Random Processes
Felix Laumann,