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ISSN 2521-3253 (Print)
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Research and Review Articles are Invited for Publication in next 2021 Issue. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

2020 volume 5 issue 1 of the Journal


1 Using of Linear Regression with THEOS imagery for TSS Mapping in Penang Strait, Malaysia

Ahmed Asal Kzar , Hayder Saad Abdulbaqi , H. S. Lim, Ali A. Al-Zuky, M. Z. Mat Jafri

2 Some issues of teaching youth medical treatment healer knowledge in public education

Kurbanbaeva Asel Jumabaevna, Aleuov Userbay Aleuovich

3. Educational Attainment and Health of Workers in Labour Markets of Moradabad City of Uttar Pradesh, India: A Comparative Analysis

Nazim Ali

4. The spiritual heritage of Alisher Navoi in the scientific work of eastern scientist E.E.Bertels

Turobov Bekpo’lat Nusratullayevich

5. The concept of a harmonically developed personality in the spiritual heritage of Alisher Navoi

Melikova Martaba