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2019 volume 4 issue 9 of the Journal


Effect of Polypropylene(PP)/Glass fibers on the Mechanical behaviour of Epoxy composites with Al2O3 and Mg(OH)2 fillers

Karthik A.S. Dr.S.V.Gorabal

Health Insurance Pricing Model In Nigeria

Abere, Omotayo Johncally Adeleke, Ismaila Adedeji

An Exploratory Study of E-Banking with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh
Dr.Nand Lal, Sharif Mohd

Determinants of Food Security among Rural Households in Nigeria: USDA Food Insecurity Experience-Based Measurement Scales (FIEMS) Approach

Aboaba K. O, Oyekale T. O., Fadiji D.M., Hussayn J.A. and Ojediran G.O.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Intersection between Locale and School type among School Teachers of Nepal
Milan Shrestha Dr. Dhanapati Subedi