IFS 3,8 / UIF 2,7

ISSN 2521-3261 (Online)
ISSN 2521-3253 (Print)
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Research and Review Articles are Invited for Publication in next 2021 Issue. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

2018, 7-8 issue of the Journal


1. Francisco Javier Herrera Del Cid, Ji Young Jeong
Culturalization Strategies for the Development of Mayan Culture in Guatemala 4-21

2. Achilova Gulmira Mardonovna
Political relations between Kaidu-Duwa and Yuan emperors (End of XIII – beginning of XIV century) 22-28

3. Tamika Peart
Literature Review on how Indigenous Knowledge Facilitates Disaster Risk Reduction 29-42

4. Umirbek B. Abdiev
Pedagogical and psychological basics of teaching of the content of alternative energy sources using the integration of natural sciences (on the example of school physics education) 43-47

5. Yerniyazova Sarbinaz
Constitutional and legal framework for the implementation of parliamentary control by Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan 48-54

6. Djurayeva Gulrukh Mirjalolovna

SCO-ASEAN: cooperation in the field of regional security 55-61


7. A.M. Bittirov, M.M. Khulamkhanova, N.M. Mirzoeva, Zh. A. Elmurzaeva, L.V. Nakova, S.M. Balaeva, L.G. Grineva, A.A. Bittirova

Ecological problems of the hygienic state of the mountain ecosystem of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic regarding contamination by eggs of the cestodes of the kind Taeniidae (Ludwig, 1886) 62-69


8. Kuldasheva Makhmuda Nurmatzhonovna
Innovative methods of monitoring and assessing knowledge of students through non-standard tests in geography lessons 70-77


9. Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Shahzad Afzal, Naeem Ahmad and Sohail Rasheed

Study on Ratoon Keeping of Sugarcane Crop at Various Harvesting Dates 78-84

10. Isakulov Shukhrat
Socio-demographic development trends of migration processes in Uzbekistan 85-91

11. Kubaeva Shoira Toshmurodovna
Innovative mentality and thought in civilization development: As the driving force for economic growth 92-97