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Research and Review Articles are Invited for Publication in next 2021 Issue. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

2018, 5-6 issue of the Journal


1. Shifa Shaffique, Saeed Ahmed Homoeopathic Approach to Baptisia tinctoria 04-06

2. Shomurodov Kakhramon Comparative assessment of the influence of different methods of palatîplasty on the growth and
development of the upper jaw in children with congenital cleft palate 07-11

3. Massreshaw Assnakew Abebe Challenges and practice of Plastic Bottles, paper and carton Generation and Collection in Addis Ababa
City, Ethiopia 12-29

4. Ninija Merina, R., Judes Sujatha.S., Sahaya Vasanthi

A Study On Pysico-Chemical Characteristics Of The Soil In Vaigai Reservoir, Tamilnadu, India 30-38

5. Tuhtakuziev Abdusalim, Artikbaev Bakhtiyar

Theoretical Determination Of The Vertical Load On The Disk Work Tool For Destruction Of The Soil
Crust 39-43

6. Enam Abbas Salman and Hamid Ibrahim Abbood Electronic Transitions And Photovoltaic Properties Of New Compounds As Organic Dye Sensitizers For Solar Cel 44-54

7. Mohammed Abu-Hjeilah, Wafa’ Al-faraeh, Flowra Al-rawashdeh, Aktham Ali Al-omar The Role Of Spectorophotomerty In Clinical Laboratory 55-62

8. Toshov Khurshid Ilkhomovich Formation and development of ideas of hermeticism, which influenced philosophical thought from antiquity
to the presen 63-70

9. Ibrahim Safari A Contrastive Study between EFL teachers and field specialists in teaching ESP courses from the students’
view point 71-83

10. Sherzod D. Arapov The Use of Digital Di plomacy as a Tool for Symbolic Violence:
Twitter Analysis of Russian-Turkish Relations 84-103

11. Bekmatova Rano Linguocultural and cognitive criteria in study of particles in German and Uzbek languages 104-109